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The Rede Mulher de Educação (Women Network)

Created in 1980, Rede Mulher de Educação is a non-governmental organization, that promotes and facilitates the inter-connection between women’s groups all over Brazil, and abroad, constructing a network of services in popular feminist education.

Rede Mulher de Educação develops actions together with men and women, with mixed institutions, that are compromised with human relations without any kind of relationship based on subordination/domination. The actions take place to strengthen the capacity to challenge the gender unfairness, the sexism in the organizations and valorization of the different feminist contribution to the society.

The methodology of RME is based on the promotion of the self-steam and of the critic and creative participation of everyone, as a active member of personal development and of the process of social transformation, inside a democratic and citizen perspective. The methodology stress the inter-relation between the day by day, the local and the global, as spaces of politic fight.


Moments of a trajectory 

The 80´s

  • Research (participation methodology) with mother’s group from the East and South area of São Paulo city.

  • Constituent process: Articulation of more than 750 women’s popular groups. Popular emends about woman rights.

  • Intense dialog with education and feminist organizations from Latin America and Caribbean. Foundation of Repem-Popular Education Network between Women from Latin America and Caribbean.

  • Formation program of popular educators for the women’s rights.

  • Organizational development process; the weaver’s loom and the weave.

  • ECO- 92 (Rio) - agreement of environmental education to sustainable societies.

  • Beijing 95 - articulation for the IV Women World Conference.

  • Interconnections program: putting in contact persons and groups that know and do with persons or groups that want to know and do.

  • 1994: RME defines itself  as a formation school of multipliers in gender and leadership


The year 2000 


Rede Mulher de Educação develops formation activities, research, communication and articulation seeking to strengthen the development of the technical and political competence, for individual persons, groups and organizations. RME contributes for the increase of influence with other sections of the society and on governmental politics (in the municipality, state and federal). The theme “gender and leadership” is the focus, which is linked to three strategic axles:

  • Formation: systematization and development of methodologies; continuous formation of leaderships from urban and rural areas (with the power of multiplication); technical counseling, experiences exchanges; production of educative materials.

  • Educomunication: Communication for network; interconnection services; Cunhary Newsletter; communication and lobby; critical view of the press; gender and new technologies; website.

  • Institutional Empowerment: Institutional strengthen of women’s organizations; planning and gender methodologies; gender analysis in the project cycle; institutional networks development; inter-institutional articulation.