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We won the “2001 very efficient prize”

Rede Mulher de Educação (Women Network)  received on April 2nd,  the  2001 Very Efficient Prize given every year to the top “ 50 best non profit organizations” of the country.

The prize, a initiative of seven companies: Accor Brasil, Banco Dibens, DM9DDB, Firmenich, Intermédica Sistema de Saúde, Lojas Americanas e Natura, seeks to recompense those organizations that had a professional performance for a better society.

The list with 50 winners, was announced on April the 2nd of 2001 and is available on the Internet, on the website www.melhores.com.br . The list with the winners of the years before will be found in the same site.

Rede Mulher de Educação (Women’s Network) competed with others 312 organizations and was judged with the organizational results, financial, operational, transparency and social impact.

Each of the organizations were judge through 42 evaluation criterions, by the international standards, in the charity area.

The prize is approved by the Kanitz & Associados, the prize’s organizer, with 20 years of experience in the evaluation of the best Brazilian companies. Is one of the most  rigorous of the area and your results are set by the office of a assessor company named PricewaterhouseCoopers, assuring that the choice was made with no favoritism, political influence or subjetism.

In this year, 32 of the winners are from the state of São Paulo, 8 from the state of Rio de Janeiro, 4 from the state of Minas Gerais, 3 fro the Federal District and others from other states like Pernambuco, Bahia and Paraná.

The philanthropy in Brazil is still an incipient activity and  needs to be stimulated so that we could solve the social problems. Many businessmen and donators end up not making available resources bacause they do not know or trust the Brazilian organizations. Last year the winners organizations received an additional 4 millions reais thanks to the divulgation obtained through the prize.  

The 50 organizations will be shown as “case of success” in a book to be distributed. In case of wish to receive the book or obtain more information please contact:
Vera Vieira- Executive coordinator
Rede Mulher de educação
Tel(0xx11) 3873-2803  


Or Leila Lorenzi

Kanitz & Associados

Tel. (0xx11) 3816-5700

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